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Investment Strategy

As a holding company, VB Watermark’s focus is to create alternative wealth and

income sources for its Shareholders though leveraging its founder’s deep expertise

in the USD 500b global MedTech universe.

The investment philosophy is to generate consistent beta neutral returns through

careful allocation of firm’s equity and employing its balance sheet into 3 core areas:

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Income Generation

In order to generate continuous “carry” for its Shareholders the firm identifies sector specific capital inefficiencies in MedTech value-chain. These include sub-strategies such as accounts receivable factoring, inventory financing and instrument leasing to name a few.

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Growth Opportunities

The firm co-invests with Viscogliosi Brothers’ other investment vehicles to secure control rights in late stage revenue generating Companies with a clear path to exit within 18-24 month time frame.

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Venture Capital

Through capitalizing its organic ties with MCRA, world’s renowned Clinical Research Organization, VBW identifies and invests in early-stage ventures that have ground-breaking disruptive technologies or dramatic cost cutting solutions with high gross margin and market capture potential prior to achieving inflection points on their path to regulatory FDA (PMA) approval.

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