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MCRA is a highly specialized, independently operated consulting firm and Clinical Research Organization (CRO) serving the worldwide medical device industry.

We have a unique access point to identify opportunities at the MedTech frontier

In 2004, Viscogliosi Brothers (“VB”) founded MCRA

MCRA is a VB-owned Clinical Research Organization (CRO), Consulting & Advisory firm


The team is led by former FDA department heads and a staff of 150 with over 20 PhDs working globally


MCRA maintains offices in the United States, Europe, and Japan

MCRA is world’s leading Medtech CRO firm with pristine track record of 18/18 PMA approvals and 5 FDA reversal approvals


MCRA has over 700 clients which gives VBW an unparalleled access to frontiers of the med-tech innovation globally


Viscogliosi Brothers independent of MCRA sees >300 opportunities annually

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